Rituals for everyday

At Louisa Jones we strive to create products that enhance your rituals, invoke calmness, and bring ease to your life through unique, grounding, sensory experiences.

Founded in 2021 by Louisa Jones, we are proudly based out of Sooke, BC

Our Values

At its core, Louisa Jones is a wellness brand providing high quality products to a wide range of customers at an affordable price point and with a unique focus on ritual, sustainability, and inclusivity. Built on a foundation that prioritizes quality, sustainability, uniqueness, wellbeing, and inclusivity, the product-based business creates an assortment of wellness products designed to enhance self- care and bring moments of ritual and calm into our naturally busy lives.

Our Story

It all began with a mini course as a birthday gift to making gifts for family and friends and soon became deeply immersed in candles, making scents and aromatherapy.  A passion for natural, eco-friendly products, beautiful scents and minimal products with a little luxury.  Huge encouragement from my family has led to Louisa Jones products. 

Combining her deep love and appreciation for nature, with her busy family life, raising three children, Louisa understands the importance of slowing down, creating rituals, enjoying moments of calm and making memories. Inspired to create an entirely natural range of beautiful, handmade products using only natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, using the purest and powerful plant derived oils and butters and clean burning wax with captivating scents with a minimalist design. Dreamy scents are inspired by nature and travel, moments and memories.

Supporting local, all beeswax is locally sourced in BC, supporting local farmers and 100% soy wax is derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn along with lead-free cotton and natural wooden wicks.

A ritual of burning candles, "I think it can completely transform your mood and set the tone for whatever it is you’re doing, ambiance when with friends, cozy night in, creating calmness after work or restoring your energy when in the bath, so when I say our candles will calm your space and soothe your soul ....I literally mean it."

So consider this your invitation to create a Louisa Jones ritual.