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This room spray smells like heaven... It really is the smell of the BC forests and the wonderful of the coastal beaches of the PNW and i love it so much! Pure magic!

Lavender Dried Soap
Sam Redmond
Big Soap Fan!

Loved everything about these handmade soaps ~ beautifully done, work amazing, & smell freakin’ fabulous!! A go to gift for others or yourself, I’m constantly back for more!

Absolutely loved

LOVED my bubble candle!!! It was the first one I’ve ever tried and I love that the clean up was easy as it burns into itself, plus the amazing smell actually wafted thru the whole house!! Not to mention I snagged the cutest colour ~ One of my all time fav candle companies for sure


I am obsessed with the scent of your new Tuscany candle 😍 😍

The little marshmallows are adorable

Everything is amazing! And the little marshmallows are adorable for the s’mores candle!

I bought 3!

I found the love you a latte candles and bought 3! 🥰🥰🥰

Literally OBSESSED

I'm literally OBSESSED with this smell lol. And usually we get super bad headaches from candles or it's too strong when it burns....this one was just perfect. I'm SO OBSESSED with this candle - smell, packaging etc - that i said to my husband, this might be the only candle I buy anymore.

Absolutely love it!!!

Just got S’Mores please for Christmas! I wanted to say how wonderful it is, everything from the presentation, to the smell and sound is glorious. When I close my eyes I have a little back yard fire burning! I absolutely love it!!! Thank you for your dedication to excellence!

My house smells glorious!!!!

Got the most amazing candle today! My house smells glorious!!!! Highly recommend!

I'll definitely take s'more!

The s’mores candle is one my all time favourite scents! Even when it isn’t burning, it subtly wafts through my space and creates the coziest atmosphere. 10/10 recommend!